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Holi colours can be harsh and abrasive to your skin and can be difficult to get off

Here are some tips to remove Holi colours from your skin

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You can massage your skin with oil to remove the Holi colours from the folds in your skin and from the corners of your nose and mouth 

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Shower with cold water as hot water opens up your pores, making it difficult to remove colours

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Wash your skin and hair multiple times. Use a body wash or soap that is pH balanced as regular soaps may disrupt the skin acid mantle and are too alkaline

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If your nails have started turning yellow from the Holi colours, soak your nails in lemon juice for about 10 mins and then rinse them with water

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How To Remove Holi Colours From Your Skin

Lifestyle By Ada Kohli

Published March 07, 2023 Hindustan Times I

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