How To Open Demat A/C - A step-by-step guide


Demat account is necessary to invest in the stock market. It holds a wide variety of investments like bonds, equity shares, mutual funds etc. in one place.

Opening Demat Account Online

3. Complete online account opening form

2. To open a Demat account, reach out to a stockbroker like Bajaj Financial Securities Limited 1. Opening Demat Account is hassle-free

Types of Demat Account


Corporate Demat account 2. Joint Demat account 1. Individual Demat account They Are:- There are three major types of Demat account available in India.

How to open a Demat account with BFSL?

6. Get login credentials

5. E-sign WITH Aadhar linked mobile number 4. Upload the KYC documents 3. Add your bank details 2. Enter name, email id, address, phone number and PAN number 1. Click The Account Opening Form

Proof of Identification

4. Voter ID

3. Driving License 2. Passport 1. PAN card

Proof of Address

5. electricity or telephone bill (not more than 3 months old)

4. Bank statement (last three months) or passbook 3. Passport 2. Voter ID 1. Aadhar Card

Proof of Income

5. Demat holding statement or holding report

4. Income Tax Return statement (ITR)   3. 3 months’ salary slips 2. Net-worth certificate 1. 6 months bank statement For Futures & Options trading, income proof is needed:

Demat Account Charges

3. Demat Transaction Charges

2. Demat A/C Maintenance Charge 1. Demat A/C Opening Charge Following are some charges that an investor has to pay

open Demat Account with BFSL

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