How To Holi-Proof Smartphone, Gadgets

While having the urge to enjoy Holi to the fullest is understandable, it’s also important to keep our phones close in cases of emergencies.

Waterproof bags and cases are easily available in the market and very convenient to use.

They’re reliable and can be used to keep your phones safe while enjoying a Holi party.

These cases can either be kept in your pocket or hung around your neck.

Just like silicon covers, balloons can be used to protect your mobile phone while you enjoy Holi.

To use a balloon as a cover, you need to inflate the balloon and put your phone in it.

Slowly deflate the balloon and you’ll see your phone wrapped in a rubber skin once the air from the balloon is released.

You can also use a spare phone during Holi celebrations.

Cling wraps are another option to protect your device during Holi.

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