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Published Feb 23, 2023 Heading 3

How To Get A Lean Body

Building a lean physique entails burning body fat and toning your muscles rather than building muscle mass

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Here's how you can achieve a lean body

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It is important to cut calories from your diet to keep your body light. Consume plenty of fruits and green vegetables. Adjust your protein intake and have carbs in moderation

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Avoid processed and packaged food to prevent unhealthy fat buildup. Consume healthy fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6 for various health benefits

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Avoid unhealthy food

Staying hydrated is the key to achieving a lean physique. Consume an adequate amount of water and cut down on sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages

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Drink lots of water

Practice cardio exercises like running, skipping, burpees, etc for at least 20 minutes every day as they help burn fat quickly and amp up blood circulation

Cardio exercises

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Following a high-Intensity interval training exercise routine is one of the most effective ways to building a lean body

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This training regime requires you to practice a set of vigorous exercises that help burn calories faster and improve your strength and endurance

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Calisthenics is strength training that involves exercises like jumping jacks, pushups, chin-ups, leg raises, etc

Practice calisthenics

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It is an excellent workout routine to strengthen your core, improve flexibility, tone your muscles and achieve a lean body

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