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Holi colours can harm you in several ways. It is crucial to celebrate a safe Holi to make sure no one gets hurt

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Here is how you can celebrate a safe and a colourful Holi

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 Use natural and organic colours

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Opt for natural and organic colours to play Holi as they don't contain chemicals and prevent skin and hair damage

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Protect your skin as much as possible from harmful colours by wearing full sleeves clothes and long pants. Wear a scarf on your head to prevent your hair from damage

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Protect your eyes

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Holi colours can harm your eyes. Make sure to protect your eyes as much as possible. Do not rub your eyes and wear shades as thay work as a barrier between the colours and your eyes

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Avoid throwing colours at unknown people

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Do not throw colours at people you don't know as it may not be considered appropriate and people can be caught off guard by your actions

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Careful skincare

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Apply coconut oil to your skin before playing Holi to protect your skin from damage. Use oil to remove colours from your skin post-Holi celebrations

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How To Celebrate A Safe Holi

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