Having a bad hair day? Try these cute hairstyles to look amazing

Rhea Varghese

Feb 26, 2023

Baby braids

If you have oily hair, then you can make tiny braids like these to look extra cute and save the day.

Credit: Pinterest

Wet flip bun

A bun that looks elegant and stylish, a wet flip bun is the perfect hairstyle when going to work.

Credit: Pinterest

Wet look

A look that screams cool from all angles, this wet-look hairstyle can be donned at a party even during a bad hair day.

Credit: Pinterest

Barbie ponytail

Who doesn't love this hairstyle? The perfect hairdo to serve awesome looks even with your hair dirty and unwashed.

Credit: Pinterest

Claw clip hairstyle

A saviour for all the ladies having a bad hair day, a claw clip comes to the rescue when you desperately need to wrap those dirty tresses.

Credit: Pinterest

Low ponytail

A low ponytail is a perfect hairdo for work or a party if you didn't get the chance to straighten them out.

Credit: Pinterest

Half ponytail

A classy, sophisticated and elegant way of disguising your unkempt hair, a half ponytail is a right way to go.

Credit: Pinterest

Olaplex bun

A classic bun with a bit of a style that took over TikTok like a blazing fire, an olaplex bun is the way to go.

Credit: Pinterest

Rope braids

Stylish and edgingly beautiful, a rope braid is everything you need to slay your bad hair day.

Credit: Pinterest

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