Habits that can make your thyroid disorder worse

Simran Arora, Times Now Digital

Mar 1, 2023

Not controlling weight

Eating mindlessly, not exercising can result in weight gain and a reduction in the thyroid hormone can aggravate disorders of the gland.

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Missing medication

Missing medication can be detrimental for thyroid patients – it can aggravate the disorder massively and result in weight fluctuations, blood pressure irregularities and more.

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Not sleeping

Over the weekends, one might want to stay awake till late to watch web series and movies, sleep late and wake up late. Little do people realise how this takes a toll on thyroid.

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Eating soy-based food

Soy-based food can prevent the body from absorbing thyroid medication. Therefore, avoid eating them when taking these drugs.

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Not managing stress

Stress can also make thyroid disorders worse – this is why it is imperative to manage it well. Try medication to regulate the production of this hormone.

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Smokers are more likely to suffer from thyroid disorders and if one continues to do it, the disorder can become worse.

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Eating too much sugar

Sugar appeals to almost everyone across its many forms – however, eating it in excess can make the disorder way worse.

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