Got Some Kulchas? Make These Curry To Pair With 

Got Some Kulchas? Make These Curry To Pair With 

By Deepali Verma

Regardless the weather, eating kulchas is a calming experience. For you to enjoy this weekend, we've  compiled a list of some  traditional kulcha-gravy pairings. 

Matar kulcha 

Kulchas and matar, a spicy dish made with white peas, are combined to create this delicious dish. 

Amritsari Kulcha with Pindi Chole 

This mixture has a tasty punch from both parts. Don't give up on Amritsari kulcha before you've tried it, even though there is nothing keeping you from enjoying the Chole with ordinary kulchas. 

Masala Chana with Kulcha 

Try making masala chana to go with your plain kulchas if you are unable to make Amritsari kulchas in time. 

Paneer Butter Masala with Garlic Kulcha 

A butter-base d gravy is another delicious option for your kulcha. Non-vegetarians can choose their renowned Butter Chicken, while vegetarians can choose the equally delectable Paneer Butter Masala. 

Layer some paneer bhurji to create a paneer kulcha if you're looking for a different kind of combination. 

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