Google's AI Tech Converts Text Into Hi-Fi Music

Google using AI to generate music in any genre using text description.

The new AI system called MusicLM generates

high-fidelity music.

Reports claim the company is fearing the risks and has no immediate plans to release.high-fidelity music.

Google isn’t the first to try generative AI for songs, others have tried this tech before.

Google's MusicLM is the first AI tech that could produce complex music.

MusicLM has been trained on a dataset of 2,80,000 hours of music helping generate    coherent songs.

AI has become a cornerstone of the tech industry in the past few months.

 ChatGPT is a hot subject in the tech circuit and Google is eyeing its own version.

AI uses machine learning to scrape through data and pick up habits and skills that humans do.

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