Check 9 new

Google Android

and Wear OS features

Google Keep

Users can manage notes and check off to-do lists right from the Home screen. The app displays reminders, background colours, and images from the Keep app. It also syncs with your smartwatch

Wear OS Shortcuts

The new update brings two new shortcuts on your watch face to help you create notes and to-do lists.

Annotate PDFs with

Google Drive

Google will now allow the use a stylus or touch screen to annotate PDFs. You'll also get to use the highlighter tool to save important text neatly

Google Meet Noise


The update now offers noise cancellation during Calls on Google Meet. The feature filters out distracting background sounds and it will be available on more Android mobile devices.

Quick pairing for Bluetooth

headphones on Chromebook

Users will be able to connect new headphones to their Chromebook with just one tap. The headphones will also automatically connect to your Chromebook if it is already paired with your Android phone

New Emoji Combinations

on Android

Users can mix and match different emoji combinations. These stickers can be shared via Gboard. Heading 3

Tap-to-Pay Animations

Google is adding more animations using cheerful penguins to confirm in-store transactions in Google Wallet

Customize Content

Size on Chrome

The Android user can increase the size of content on Chrome by up to a whopping 300%. You can also set up a preferred content size as a default.

Watch Accessibility

on Wear OS 3+

Wear OS 3+ will introduce two new sound and display modes to improve watch accessibility. Mono-audio can help limit disorientation caused by split-audio.

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