Feb 19, 2023Bechu S

It is back!

Glittery and outrageous costumes were prepared again as Brazil welcomed the Carnival parades.

Credit: AP


Samba songs were ringing out 'til dawn at Rio de Janeiro’s sold-out parade grounds.

Credit: AP

Cities cut loose!

Top samba schools spend millions on hour-long parades with elaborate floats and costumes.

Credit: AP

Jampacked streets:

Hundreds of raucous, roaming parties were flooding the streets.

Credit: AP

Renewed revelry:

Brazil's working class was buoyed, emotionally and economically by the comeback of the carnival.

Credit: AP

No more gloom:

This is a fresh start as last year's carnival was watered down some of the fun, which was attended mostly by locals.

Credit: AP

Can't wait!

Most tourists were eager to go to street parties, known as blocos.

Credit: AP

Not just Rio:

Apart from Rio, Salvador, Recife and metropolitan Sao Paulo have recently emerged as

Carnival hotspots. Credit: AP

Even pets join the fun and why not!

A dog dons a tutu at the "Blocao" dog carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

Credit: AP

More attendees expected:

Brazil's federal government expects 46 million people to join the festivities that officially began Friday and run through February.

Credit: AP

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