Glass igloo becomes new tourist attraction in Gulmarg

Thousands of tourists visit the ski resort, Gulmarg for abundant snowfall but this winter there was a surprise awaiting them — a glass igloo.

“It’s a completely different experience. I am feeling very good, and it’s a really fantastic experience to sit and have food inside an igloo,” Kabir, a tourist from Delhi told PTI.

Kabir is all praises for the hotel staff and the creator of the glass igloo concept as he feels that it brought him closer to nature.

However, for Syed Waseem — the brain behind the concept, it took three years of research and development to bring this experience to tourists visiting Gulmarg.

He said enquiries about the glass igloo led him to Austria, where these are manufactured.

A team from the manufacturers in Austria visited Kashmir last year to study the weather and climate in Gulmarg for ensuring the product can last over a period of time.

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