Foods to avoid to lose visceral fat

Simran Arora, Times Now Digital

Mar 2, 2023

Potato chips

Potato chips are far from healthy – loaded with trans fats and sodium and carbohydrates, they are potential belly fat contributors.

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Bacon is a source of trans and saturated fats that not only increase obesity risk but also contribute to heart diseases and even visceral fat accumulation.

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Palm oil

The high saturated fat levels of palm oil are to blame for visceral fat accumulation.

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White bread

White bread is a source of refined carbs which just as bad as trans and saturated fats with respect to visceral fat accumulation.

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Breakfast cereal

To the surprise of many, sweetened breakfast cereals could be a reason why fat accumulated in the abdominal cavity.

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Full-fat dairy

Although it is not advised to go for processed foods and drinks, doctors recommend eating toned versions of dairy products to prevent fat accumulation.

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Alcohol not only hurts the liver but also the metabolic system – the drink is strongly associated with a heightened risk of visceral fat.

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