By: Pragati Pal Folk singer, Ballet dancer, surfer, guitarist - Know victims of Nepal plane crash

Jan 18, 2023

21-year-old nira chantyal

Nira Chantyal, a folk singer was one of the people who died when a Yeti Airlines aircraft carrying 68 passengers and 4 crew members crashed near the Pokhara International Airport at around 11 am on January 15. Nira was on her way to perform at a music festival in Pokhara.Credit: Twitter

24-year-old Oshin Ale Magar

Oshin Ale Magar was a flight attendant on board the ATR-72 aircraft. She had been working with Yeti Airlines for two years. Her father, a retired Indian Army personnel had requested her not to go to work that fateful day. Credit: Twitter

28-year-old Nishant Acharya

Famous as guitarfr3ak, Nishant Acharya was a guitarist, with over 70 thousand followers on Tiktok, 10 thousand on Instagram, and 28 thousand subscribers on his Youtube channel. He was on his way to his hometown Pokhara along with his girlfriend, uncle and brother.Credit: Twitter

29-year-old Myron Love

Avid cyclist and surfer, Australian Myron Love worked as a teacher at Clovelly Public School in Sydney. Credit: Twitter

33-year-old Elena Banduro

Russian blogger Elena Banduro was one of those who died in the crash. 33-year-old Elena was pregnant at the time and was travelling to Nepal to see her spouse, as revealed by her sister.Credit: Twitter

34-year-old Ruan Crighton

A physiotherapy student and a talented ballet dancer from Essex, Ruan Crighton died in the plane crash just a day after celebrating his 34th birthday.Credit: Twitter

35-year-old Sonu Jaiswal

A liquor-store owner, Sonu Jaiswal, one of the Indian passengers killed in the crash, had gone to Nepal to visit the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu after his wish to have a son was fulfilled.Credit: Twitter

37-year-old Tribhuvan Poudyal

A prominent Nepali journalist, Tribhuvan Poudyal, was a central executive member of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ), an umbrella organisation of journalists in Nepal.Credit: Twitter

44-year-old Anju Khatiwada

The Co-pilot of the plane, Anju Khatiwada, who joined Yeti Airlines in 2010, died a similar death as her pilot husband 16 years ago. Anju's husband, pilot Dipak Pokhrel died when a small passenger plane he was flying for the same airline crashed in 2006.Credit: Twitter

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