Easy makeup tutorial for Raashii Khanna's graphic eyeliner look ​Mehak Sabharwal

Feb 27, 2023

Hello, stunner

Raashii was recently seen sporting this blingy pantsuit. She amped up her outfit with a graphic eyeliner look.

Credit: Instagram

Recreate the look

To get this graphic eyeliner look, start with prepping your eyes. Put a small amount of concealer on your eyelids and spread evenly.

Credit: Instagram

What do to next?

Take a shimmery brown or gold eyeshadow and spread it evenly. If you want, you can also experiment with two shades. Put the lighter shade on the inner corner of the eye.

Credit: Instagram

Once done...

Apply a winged eyeliner in the shade black.

Credit: Instagram

The tricky part

Take white eyeliner or liquid eyeshadow and create a straight line below the wing created with the black eyeliner. Create the same line on the inner corner of the eye as well.

Credit: Instagram

Completing the look

Round off the look by applying oodles of mascara.

Credit: Instagram

Additional tip

While opting for a graphic eyeliner look, make sure you pick a subtle lip shade to balance the look.

Credit: Instagram

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