Dibang Multipurpose Project: All about India’s largest, Rs 31,876-cr hydropower project in Arunachal Pradesh

Dibang Multipurpose


Representative image The government approved the largest hydropower project, Dibang Multipurpose Project, in Arunachal Pradesh, to be developed by NHPC.

Dibang hydropower

project cost

The cost of the Dibang hydropower project in Arunachal is estimated to be Rs 31,876.39 crore at May 2021 price level. The government has approved a budgetary support of Rs 6,159.40 crore towards flood moderation and Rs 556.15 crore towards enabling infrastructure. 

When will the Dibang

project be completed?

The estimated completion period for the project is expected to be nine years from receipt of the government sanction.  Representative image

Location of the Dibang

hydropower project

The project is located on the Dibang river in the Lower Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh.

Dibang hydropower

project features

The project will generate 2,880 MW (12x240 MW) power to produce 11,223 MU of energy in a 90 per cent dependable year. According to CEA, 90 per cent dependable year is the year in which the annual generation has the probability of being equal to or exceed 90 per cent of the time on an annual basis during the expected period of operation of the scheme.

Size of the Dibang dam

The dam will be 278 mt in height, and will be the highest dam in India, once completed. The project will include six horseshoe-shaped head race tunnels of length varying from 300 mt to 600 mt with 9 mt diameter, an underground power house, and six horseshoe-shaped tail race tunnels of length varying from 320 mt to 470 mt with 9 mt diameter. 

Heading 3

How will the Dibang

dam benefit Arunachal?

The Arunachal government will get 12 per cent free power from the project i.e 1,346.76 MU, while 1 per cent free power will be given in Local Area Development Fund. The total value of benefit to Arunachal Pradesh from free power and contribution to LADF will be Rs 26,785 crore over the project life of 40 years. 

Benefits of Dibang project

The construction of the Dibang MPP will prevent the sizeable downstream area from floods. After implementation of the master plan of Brahmaputra Board for flood moderation of all rivers contributing to Brahmaputra – Dibang is one of them – a sizeable area in Assam will be protected from flooding. 

Clearances for the

Dibang MPP

The project has received all statutory clearances. The approval of the anticipated expenditure on pre-investment activities shall enable payment towards compensation for land acquisition and resettlement and rehabilitation (R&R) of Rs 500 crore to affected families. 

Dibang MPP further expenditure

Apart from the R&R plan, it is also proposed to spend Rs 241 crore on community and social development plan, and certain concerns of the local people during a public hearing. It is also proposed to spend an amount of Rs 3.27 crore on a plan to protect the culture and identity of the local people. 

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