Cooking hacks that will make life easier

You may be a pro in the kitchen, but it would not be wrong for us to say that you would still be tempted to try tips and tricks that promise to save you time, make food more delicious, and ensure the longevity of ingredients.

As such, this range of cooking tips from MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria are definitely going to come in handy the next time you plan to whip up some culinary magic.

How to make thicker cold coffee

All you need to do is “add coffee syrup instead of coffee powder while preparing coffee. It will make your coffee more delicious and thicker,” she said.

How to set curd faster

“Keep the curd bowl in a flour container and you will be able to set it faster,” she said.

How to save rice from infestation

According to the chef, the one way to keep rice safe against various pests is to keep a few dried neem leaves in the container.

How to remove the burnt bits off your toast

Rub the burnt toast together to shed the burnt bits off your toast.

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