BTS' RM's Namjooning aesthetic to warm up your winterShreya Kachroo

Dec 2, 2022

An aesthetic in itself

BTS star RM has been shelling major goals when it comes to being an overall wholesome person; here's a look at his signature 'Namjooning' aesthetic

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What is Namjooning?

Popularized by ARMY, Namjooning refers to RM's way of living. And yes it includes admiring nature and art, enjoying your own company and appreciating it to the fullest.

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So adorable

RM might be a fiery rapper for many, but we definitely love him the most when he is in his element.

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How peaceful does he look just admiring his surroundings?

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The wind never stopped him

All bundled up in the middle of winter, the weather might be freezing, but a trip to an art museum is always welcomed.

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We want what he has

A day out in the middle of nature as you admire the beauty of it? Count us in

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So wholesome

RM doesn't even need to look for an aesthetic for his social media. He is one!

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The view

Whether we are talking about the scenery or RM himself, we will let you decide!

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Just running around town

More like riding around town on his trusty and environment friendly bike

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