Braj Ki Holi Is Incomplete Without Brij Cuisine

Braj Ki Holi Is Incomplete Without Brij Cuisine

By Ranita Ray

One can't miss experiencing Braj Ki Holi. Also known as Vraj, Brij, or Brijbhumi, is where Lord Krishna spent his childhood and played Holi with Radha. Upholding such sentiments, Braj buzzes with festivities, and its cuisine echoes the same. What to eat here? Here is the list.

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Satvik Food

Krishna, the Gherao Deity, inspires Braj cuisine. Local food is primarily satvik. It signifies the food is made without garlic or onions.

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Use of


In several dishes, asafoetida or hing is employed to flavour the food sans the use of garlic. Braj food is light and easy on the digestive system.

Kachori Jalebi

A typical breakfast in Braj and Mathura consists of kachori sabji and jalebi. This is a popular breakfast option among locals.

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Milk Dominance

Braj region is known for its love for Lord Krishna and, thus, anything made with milk. From warm kesari doodh, lassi, and mattha to milk-based dishes, they relish milk in any form.

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With an intense inclination towards dairy-based preparation, Braj region is famed for desserts. Milk is employed lavishly to make sweets such as malai ghewar, Mathura ke peda, khurchan, and kheer mohan.

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Tangy, Spicy Snacks

In Braj region, locals have a taste for tangy food. People like to relish chats like aloo tikki, dahi bhalla, and papri chat and gol gappa.

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