Bhujia To Kachori: Rajasthani Snacks To Enjoy  

Bhujia To Kachori: Rajasthani Snacks To Enjoy  

By Deepali Verma

While Rajasthan is known for heartier foods like dal baati churma, gatta curry, and laal maas, it is also well-known for a variety of crunchy snacks. 

Kanji vada 

Kanji vada is an interesting dish made of vadas soaked in water that has been flavoured with mustard, salt, and red pepper flakes, then fermented. 

Moong dal pakora 

In Rajasthan, people eat moong dal pakoras instead of the potato and onion pakoras that the rest of us are busy preparing. 

Pyaz Kachori 

One of the most well-liked Rajasthani snacks, pyaaz kachori, is famous for being made in Jaipur. Whether eaten alone or with aloo sabzi, pyaaz kachoris are delicious. 

Mirchi vada 

In Rajasthan, mirchi vada is a popular street snack that is also prepared at home as a teatime snack. 

Bikaneri bhujia 

In contrast to other varieties of bhujia, which are produced using besan, Bikaneri bhujia is a crispy snack that originates from the city of Bikaner. 

Kalmi vada is a savoury snack made with a dough made from chana and urad dal and flavoured with ginger, cumin, and red pepper flakes. With mint and coriander chutney, kalmi vada tastes its best. 

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