Best Parottas From South India You Must Try

By Nikita Toppo

South Indian platter has plenty of lip-smacking dishes that can satiate our soul. Here are five parottas from South India you must try.

Malabar Parotta

This crispy and fluffy parotta is made with eggs, maida and a generous amount of ghee.

Kothu Parotta

Stir-fried along with chicken, eggs, gravy and vegetables, kothu parotta is super-filling.

Coin Parotta

Coin parotta is very similar to malabar parotta, the only difference is in the size, coin parotta is smaller.

Veechu Parotta

This parotta from Tamil Nadu is folded into the shape of square envelope and fried in tawa.

Ceylon Parotta

Stuffed with minced meat and veggies, Ceylon parotta is very popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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