Armani closes Milan Fashion Week with grace

Giorgio Armani’s show closed out the Milan Fashion Week on Sunday.

Armani once again gave the fashion world a glimpse of idealized life inside Milan’s stately palazzi, populated by women for whom dressing in comfort and style are not a contradiction.

Satiny loungewear in soothing earthy tones skimmed the form and were grounded in more structured pieces, such as leather motorcycle jackets or contrasting black vests.

The looks were elegantly layered, with long dresses over a translucent ribbed trouser suggesting lingerie.

Where sheer fabrics were employed, it was with modesty, for example, over dark tights, and with a bandeau top of velvet.

Armani said the collection is about “the dignity of women, dressed with a lot of care and attention, and who take pleasure in dressing.”

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