afraid  of cosmetic dentistry? re By DR. DAVID FRANK   Here are the most frequent cosmetic dentistry myths that still exist today!


Cosmetic dentistry weakens teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry will provide you with a beautiful, healthy smile. FACT:


The outcomes will appear unnatural.

In actuality, most people would be unable to tell. The materials have developed to the point that they resemble natural teeth. FACT:


The procedures are only for esthetic purposes.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you enhance or restore your dental health in various ways. FACT:


Only braces can correct misaligned teeth.

Unlike braces, which can take two or three years to straighten your teeth and necessitate several dentist visits, veneers provide a considerably speedier outcome with less inconvenience. FACT:


Only the wealthy can afford cosmetic dentistry.

Because of technological advances, cosmetic operations are now cheaper, and many insurance companies will cover procedures with esthetic benefits. FACT:


Any cosmetic dental procedure is excruciating.

Thanks to technological advancements, anesthetic, and numbing agents, most dental procedures are now accomplished with minimal discomfort. FACT:

Dr. David Frank would be pleased to explain how cosmetic dentistry might benefit you. Cosmetic dentistry can help restore function, prevent future problems, and restore your attractive smile. Make an appointment now to learn more.

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