Apple Could Limit

USB C Support On


Apple could install an IC chip

on the USB C port for iPhone

to limit its compatibility.

This means Apple would

need an MFI (Made for

iPhone) certified cable to charge the iPhone.

Apple has a solid

tradition of keeping its

ecosystem closed over the years.

Its stance has changed

recently by adopting USB C

on iPads. + + +

Apple now forced

to support USB C on

iPhones after the new EU Law was passed.

But with limited support

rumoured, Apple will need

users to buy its own cable and accessories.

This move could be

scruntinised by EU as the

decision was made to unify charging for all devices.

Apple is expected to

introduce USB C charging on

the iPhone 15 series in 2023.

Apple says it has to accept

the EU law but might have

to provide the model in other countries as well.

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