Alcohol, cured meats, and other food items that trigger migraine

Mar 2, 2023Kanakanjali Roy


Migraines or headaches can apparently be caused by too much of caffeine intake.

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Artificial sweetener

Artificial sweeteners are present in many processed foods and are believed to trigger migraine.

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One of the common products that are thought to trigger migraine is alcohol, particularly red wine.

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After alcohol, it is chocolate which is thought to trigger migraine, the most.

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Cured meats

Cured meats contains preservatives called nitrates which are thought to trigger migraine.

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Aged cheeses

Aged cheeses contain a substance called tyramine, which is said to trigger migraine.

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Pickled and fermented foods

Just like aged cheese, pickled and fermented foods contain high amounts of tyramine.

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Frozen foods

If you are eating cold food, then you might have a chance of getting migraine.

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