9 Ways To Relax After

A Leg Day Workout

Stretching: Perform some

gentle stretching exercises

to help lengthen the muscles and improve flexibility. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Foam rolling: Use a foam roller

to massage and release any

tight spots in your muscles. Roll back and forth over the affected area for 30-60 seconds.

Take a warm bath: Soak in a

warm bath for 20-30 minutes

to help ease muscle soreness and promote relaxation.

Massage: Get a massage from a

professional or use a massage

tool to help reduce muscle tension and promote circulation.

Use heat therapy: Apply a

heat pack to the affected

area for 20-30 minutes to help increase blood flow and relax muscles.

Practice yoga: Practice

some gentle yoga poses,

such as downward dog or child's pose, to help stretch and relax the muscles.

Peppermint, to help

promote relaxation and

ease muscle tension.

Listen to calming music:

Listen to soothing music to

help calm the mind and body.

Drink water: Drinking

water can help flush out

toxins and promote muscle recovery.

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