9 foods to avoid if you suffer from kidney stonesAbhijeet Christopher Loreng, Times Now Digital

Mar 2, 2023

Added Sugar

Those suffering from kidney stones one should avoid products that include added sugar, like chocolates and candies and includes even granola and protein bars. The added sugar load reduces the urine volume and increases the urine calcium volume which is the perfect balance of acids that form the stones.

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Animal Protein

Eating too much protein from animal sources can lead to uric acid building up in your body. Apart from calcium oxalate, uric acid is another substance that can form kidney stones. If you only get your protein from non-vegetarian foods, you may risk a higher chance of uric acid kidney stones.

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Caffeine can cause your body to pass more urine, leading to dehydration. Low levels of water in the body increases the risk of kidney stone.

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Calcium Supplements

Taking calcium through food sources does not increase the amount of calcium in your urine. But excessive intake of calcium supplements provides your body with much more calcium than you need leading to more calcium being passed out of the body through the urine which can increase the chances of a stone forming.

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Certain fruits

Those suffering from kidney stones should avoid fruits like rhubarb, dates and raspberries as these may worsen your condition since they are high in oxalate content. Try to eat fruits like bananas, apples and cherries instead.

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Certain Veggies

Veggies like spinach, potatoes, beetroots and carrots are also high in oxalates. But because they are healthy foods one should not avoid them entirely. Instead, you can eat calcium-rich foods during the same meal to balance out your oxalate levels.

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Soft Drinks

The phosphoric acid found in sodas are very harmful to your body because they contain phosphate, which leads to kidney stones. Our body already has a good amount of phosphate, so consuming more of it can lead to an overdose, which can cause stones. There is no way for our body to hold the excess of phosphate, which crystallizes and forms the kidney stones.

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Soy Products

Soy products, are considered part of healthy diet but soy can be very harmful if you have kidney stones. It has an abundance of oxalate which can only be excreted through urine, and as it passes through the kidney, it clings to calcium and results in the formation of kidney stones. Limit your intake of soy products and keep in mind that over use of anything can lead to harmful side effects.

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Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C can get converted into oxalate in the body if it is taken in excessive amounts such as a supplement. Avoid using vitamin C supplements unless prescribed by a doctor and try to get your daily intake of this nutrient from natural sources only.

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