5 Ways To Get Rid Of Leg Cramps At Night

By Sushmita Sharma

2023-02-28,18:00 IST

Many people get leg cramps at night, which can be painful and uncomfortable. It can be caused due to poor blood supply, high-intensity exercises, and prolonged sitting. Read on to learn five ways to treat muscle cramps at night.


Stretching is an effective way to relax your muscle cramps. Try stretching your calves and hamstrings to get relief.

Stay Hydrated

You should drink enough water to ease pain and prevent leg cramps at night. You should avoid caffeine and consuming alcohol.

Apply Heat

Another way to treat leg cramps is to provide heat. You can apply a hot water bottle or a heating pad to the affected area.


When you get leg cramps at night, try massaging or rubbing the affected area to ease the pain and help it relax.

You should visit a doctor if you have leg cramps that are unbearable, painful and occur frequently.