5 Unhealthy Food Combos To Avoid

By Ishaan Arora

2023-03-01,11:38 IST

It is common practice to mix foods, but eating these five foods together can be detrimental to your health.

Two High Protein Foods

When eaten together, eggs and chicken sit heavy in your stomach and take longer to digest.

Citrus Fruits & Milk

Consuming milk immediately after eating citrus fruits can cause gas and bloating.

Combining Fruits & Meal

Fruits take two hours to digest, whereas your meal takes longer, and combining them can cause indigestion.

Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Tomatoes and cucumbers have different digestion times, which can confuse the system.

Liquid & Solid Food

Juice and cereal are popular breakfast options,but consuming them together can be harmful to your system because liquids digest quickly and solid food remains in your system.

Common food combinations such as fruits in yoghurt, fish & milk, and ghee & honey are actually dangerous and should be avoided.