5 Sleeping Tips For Your Toddler

By Sushmita Sharma

2023-03-01,20:30 IST

Getting enough sleep for yourself and your child is extremely important, especially during their growing years. If your child sleeps well, it will also help you get sound sleep. Here are five tips to make your child sleep well.

Have A Fixed Sleeping Schedule

You should set a bedtime routine which includes fixed waking and sleeping hours to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Plan Meal

Don’t let your child go to sleep without eating anything to ensure they do not wake up in between.

Sleep Environment

It is important to create a good sleep environment for your child, so they can sleep properly. Turn off the lights and avoid bringing gadgets to bed.

Use A Pacifier

If your baby is having trouble sleeping, try giving them a pacifier. It can also reduce the risk of sudden unexplained infant death syndrome.

Avoid Long Day Time Naps

Napping is important to promote the health of your child; however, avoid long daytime naps as it can disturb their sleeping schedule.

Rubbing eyes, yawning, stretching, and crying may indicate that your baby is tired and needs sleep. Talk to your paediatrician if your child has trouble sleeping or constantly cries.