5 Perks And Privileges That The Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi HasSurabhi Shaurya

Feb 22, 2023

Mayor Duty

Duty of Mayor: The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the City Commission and perform other duties consistent with his or her office as may be imposed by the City Commission

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Powers of Mayor

Powers of Mayor: He/she governs the local civic body. The mayor is the first citizen of the city. He/she has two varied roles — Representation and upholding the dignity of the city during ceremonial times and presiding over discussions of the civic house with elected representatives in a functional capacity.

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MCD Mayor And Councillors’ Salary

Reports said MCD councillors receive a salary of Rs 41,000 (per month) or Rs 4.9 lakh (per year). Moreover, they are entitled to several allowances.

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Shelly Oberoi Net Worth

Shelly Oberoi Net Worth:

According to the ADR report Shelly Oberoi currently has total assets of Rs 23,69,260. Credit: Times Network


Oberoi's Journey From DU Professor to MCD Mayor

Before embarking on a political journey, Oberoi completed her Phd in management studies from IGNOU's School of Management Studies. Along with Delhi University, she had also taught at several other universities like NMIMS, IP and IGNOU. Upon joining AAP as an activist, Shelly went on to become the party's state Mahila Morcha vice-president and continued till 2020. Credit: Times Network

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