5 Gym Exercises To Avoid For Weight Loss

By Ishaan Arora

2023-02-28,16:02 IST

Wrong exercise selection can be a detriment to weight loss, so here are five exercises to avoid.

Standing Twister

Your love handles are a muscle as well, and if you exercise them every day, they will grow larger and larger.

Leg Press

Leg press is an exercise where you can boost your ego and lift heavy, but lifting heavy increases your risk of injury.

Mat Exercises

To lose weight, your heart rate must increase, whereas mat exercise doesn't challenge you and does not burn any calories.

Hammer Curls

If you want to lose weight, you should engage in calorie-burning activities, whereas hammer curls are all about getting a pump and not burning fat.

Treadmill Walk

Walking or jogging on the treadmill will not help you burn fat; instead, use the incline feature to take your fat loss to the next level.

Your goal should be to engage in activities that increase your heart rate because when your heart rate increases, your calorie burn doubles.