10 eco-friendly ways to celebrate Holi Abhijeet Christopher Loreng, Times Now Digital

Mar 1, 2023

Use Natural Colours

Holi colours several times contain harmful chemicals in synthetic colours which are harmful to the skin. Hence, one should use natural colours like henna, turmeric, chandan, beetroot powder and more. These would not cause damage to your skin or hair and can be washed off easily.

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Holi Bonfire made easy

Instead of using precious wood by chopping off the trees, one can use eco-friendly waste like cow-dung cakes, coconut waste and camphor for the Holi bonfire which are not polluting.

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Avoid water wastage

Water conservation is becoming more important by the day. There is water shortage and scarcity in many places across India. Try and play a dry Holi without wasting water. You can avoid the use of Pichkaris to spray water on others.

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Avoid using plastic and Water baloons

Avoid the use of plastic bags and balloons to protect the environment. Use of water balloons looks fun but are very dangerous to the environment. The remains of these balloons cause nothing but environmental pollution. This Holi, let’s say NO to balloons and plastic bags and motivate others too.

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Holi with flowers

Instead of using artificial colours which are harmful to your skin and eyes one could use flowers to play a gentle form of Holi which is both environmentally friendly and safe as well. It also serves well because many people do not like playing holi with water and colours for them flowers are a great substitute.

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Avoid playing Holi with animals

Many a time, people are so busy celebrating Holi that knowingly or unknowingly involve animals in their festivities.

Applying colours on animals and spraying water on them should be avoided. We should love animals; so stay away from harmful behaviour and have an animal friendly Holi celebration. Credit: iStock

Make your own colours

One can make your own colours using natural or herbal products only, like mixing and creating your own combinations. Turmeric, sandalwood, fuller’s Earth, besan, soaked peels of pomegranate and beetroot juice, etc can be used to create colours and add fun to your day.

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Play clean holi

One should avoid playing Holi with dirty water, or chemicals etc. as it is very harmful and can not only harm people but could also lead to physical altercations.

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Holi dishes

Holi is happy festival wherein people not only throw colours at each other but also share sweets and dishes with each other. So why not celebrate Holi festival by organizing a party with traditional dishes like ‘puran polis,’ ‘malpuas’, and ‘gujiyas.’

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Harmful products

Some people actually use items like sand, eggs, petrol and even oil paints to play Holi. These things should be avoided as they are very harmful to one's health and certainly not desirable.

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