Teeth Cleaning Techniques-Three Basic Steps of Teeth Cleaning

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Teeth cleaning or dental cleaning is a technique that refers to the routine of cleansing one’s teeth; hence it is a particular part of oral hygiene that every individual must maintain to keep teeth clean, healthy, and white!

What Do You Mean By Teeth Cleaning?

It technically relates to eliminating plaque from the teeth; hence teeth cleaning is simply a process that removes any dental infectivity. It is usually performed by dental hygienists who’ll set appointments for the respectable individual.

This process of teeth cleaning is typically recommended once every six months. Teeth cleaning or dental cleaning has become essential because its administration prevents dental cavities, periodontal infection, and gingivitis.

Hence teeth cleaning should be applied to every individual interested in maintaining the condition of their teeth. The process can either be carried out at home, or one must visit the dentist’s office to get a regular checkup and teeth cleaning done.

How Is Teeth Cleaning Performed?

Teeth cleaning, as has been discussed, is the dental cleaning that is carried out within the dental region of our mouth, i.e., the teeth undergo checkup and cleaning to remove plaque formation. Teeth cleaning can be executed in three simple steps: Scaling, Polishing, Fluoride Treatment

Although before beginning teeth cleaning, one must ensure that their teeth are regularly maintained otherwise by periodic brushing of teeth. This regular oral hygiene routine should significantly be kept up since teeth cleaning is explicitly related to plaque removal and not whitening of teeth. It ensures that the health condition of the teeth and gums is well maintained; however, any other consequence can be dealt with if the individual uses the proper brushing techniques.

Here are the different steps under teeth cleaning:

  1. Scaling: This process ensures that tartar deposits are eliminated from the dentine region. Either using hand instruments or ultrasonic instruments, scaling can be carried out. Ultrasonic instruments depend upon vibrations that successfully remove tartar depositions, whereas hand instruments rely on scraping debris.
  2. Polishing: This teeth cleaning process consists of rubbing the teeth to enrich a glossy shine; hence using a flavored paste, a rubbery cup is made to spin continuously such that the teeth can be polished with the paste. After this, the teeth are rinsed with water as a finishing touch for shiny bright teeth.
  3. Fluoride Treatment: Another teeth cleaning process involves administering fluoride particles into the teeth such that the enamel strengthens and tooth decay can be kept at bay. Dentine hygienists use fluoride paste/gel that is either scrubbed onto the teeth or introduced into a Styrofoam tray placed inside the individual’s mouth. The fluoride particles can easily mingle inside for about a minute, after which the tray is removed. This is done so that the saliva and fluoride don’t mix; it isn’t swallowed inside.

With these fantastic techniques of teeth cleaning a part of your ritual oral hygiene, you are bound to have white teeth in no time, free from infectious diseases.